New Tesla product: the "cyber" cardboard cat litter

The first of April is far behind us (or far ahead, it depends), which does not prevent the tech giants from releasing the most improbable products.

As Tesla's car of the future - the Cybertruck - hits the market in a few months, customers can't wait any longer and are ready to buy anything to quench their thirst for straight and angular shapes. An assumption, of course, made by us, to justify the recent release of this new product signed Tesla: a cardboard cat litter…

Cyber litter Tesla

But be careful, not just any litter since it takes the retro-futuristic shapes of the Cybertruck Tesla, and the cardboard used is corrugated, just to add solidity, which is essential in the face of trickster felines. It will cost you around €12, only, to acquire this product imbued with an incredible technicality, to assemble yourself, and only available on the Chinese site of Tesla. You can not stop progress.