iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max even more expensive?

Faced with the drop in demand on the smartphone market, Apple intends to "save" its turnover by increasing the price of its next iPhone.

The Bloomberg news agency reports from “people in the know”, saying that Apple plans to raise the prices of the next iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, just to maintain a decent turnover, while the smartphone market is on the downward slope.

Smartphone market 2023 down, iPhone price up…

Indeed, the distribution of smartphones should drop by 3.2% this year compared to 2022 according to the predictions of the firm IDC. Apple expects to produce around 85 million iPhone 15s this year, up from 90 million iPhone 14s last year. To counter inflation and the drop in demand, Apple could therefore increase the price of the most expensive models, iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. If true, it will be the first time since its introduction in 2019 that the base Pro model has exceeded the symbolic price of $999. As for France, given the mystical exchange rate that Apple has applied for a long time, the €1,000 mark has been exceeded for a long time.