Uncharted Vs Tomb Raider Vs Indiana Jones, the sequel!

The three greatest "explorers" of cinema and video games meet again in a dazzling video.

The 80s gave birth to Indiana Jones, followed by its female counterpart Lara Croft, icon of the video game of the 90s in Tomb Raider, who subsequently made a name for herself in the cinema. Twenty years later, adventurer Nathan Drake also gave a boost to the video game industry in Uncharted, before - there again - going to the cinema (in a recent passable but not great film).

Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft team up

These three legendary characters, all grave robbers, were brought together last year in a small short film by Devin Graham, known for his superb videos including staggering sequences of parkour. If the three heroes then pulled the plug, here they are reconciled and as a team in this sequel putting them to grips with Russian villains, in pursuit of an artifact capable of manipulating time.

Making of to discover! !!!

In this video where references and nods to the three sagas abound, you will also find a making of which will delight those who like to know more behind the scenes.