Yamaha SW-X100A, True X subwoofer

Following and ending our review of the new Yamaha True X range. After the Yamaha SR-X40A and Yamaha SR-X50A soundbars, the Yamaha WS-X1A network speaker, makes way for the Yamaha SW-X100A subwoofer.

While MusicCast products are still in the Yamaha catalog and remain the preferred solution offered by the brand for configuring a multi-room audio system, wireless or wired, mixing soundbar, connected speaker, stereo or multi-channel amplifier, the True X range targets another category of consumers who above all want simplicity but are concerned about modularity and performance.

Yamaha SW-X100A, wireless subwoofer

Intended to complete a True X Home Cinema configuration based on a Yamaha SR-X50A or Yamaha SR-X40A soundbar and a pair of Yamaha WS-X1A wireless surround speakers (great freedom of placement, therefore), the Yamaha SW-X100A subwoofer pairs very easily with these devices.

Yamaha SW-X100A, acoustic and connectivity package

The Yamaha SW-X100A subwoofer features a 16 cm woofer whose frequency response ranges from 35 Hz to 100 kHz for a power of 100 watts. For its part, connectivity mentions the Wi-Fi protocol dedicated exclusively to connecting the speaker to a True X

Immediate availability in black, carbon gray or light gray. Indicative price: 349 euros.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Yamaha SW-X100A:

• Type: subwoofer

• Power: 100 W RMS

• Amplification: Class D

• Loudspeaker: 16 cm woofer

• Frequency response: nc

• Connections: Wi-Fi wireless link

• Dimensions (W x H x D): 187 x 407 x 409 mm

• Weight: 9.4 kg