Sony HT-AX7, portable home cinema system and 360 Spatial Sound Mapping

The Japanese manufacturer presents the HT-AX7, a wireless, portable Home Cinema system equipped with the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping function.

Suitable for enjoying music on your smartphone/computer or the sound of a television channel, the Sony HT-AX7 connects to all Bluetooth devices via a multipoint connection, in order to switch from a sound source to a another easily and quickly.

Sony HT-AX7, detachable and battery powered surround speakers

Featuring exclusive 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology that performs a sharp analysis of the listening room, the Sony HT-AX7 can be placed anywhere and deliver an optimized audio environment in all circumstances with a multitude of virtual speakers placed around and above the user(s).Setting up is very simple, just separate the two round pebble-shaped speakers located at the top of the main speaker and arrange around you, in a triangular shape (see photo below).Then technology comes into play and creates a real sound bubble to immerse the user(s).

As a reminder, having made its debut in the Sony HT-A9 Home Cinema pack (click on the product reference to discover its complete test by the editorial staff), the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping process is known and damn efficient.

Namely, the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping mode is active only when the two pebble-shaped speakers are placed somewhere in the listening room. If the user leaves these speakers in their place on the largest speaker, the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping sound is inactive. There is also the exclusive Sony Upmix algorithm, very useful for music, in order to give an additional thickness to a stereo signal.

Sony HT-AX7, acoustic package

The main speaker of the Sony HT-AX7 has two ovoid-shaped X-Balanced (Sony patent) speakers (for stereo reproduction), accompanied by two passive membranes to enhance the impact of the bass (see photo below). -above). The round “surround” speakers each have a full-range driver (see photo below).

Sony HT-AX7, quick charge and Sony Home Entertainment Connect app

Able to operate on battery power, the Sony HT-AX7 has a battery life of around thirty hours and a quick charge of around 10 minutes is enough to provide an additional 2.5 hours of use. This feature also allows you to transport the Sony HT-AX7 to any room in your home. Finally, the Sony HT-AX7 is controlled via the Sony Home Entertainment Connect app.

Availability announced for September 2023. Indicative price: 600 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Sony HT-A7:

• Type: three-speaker pack

• System: 4.0

• Amplification: S-Master

• Total power: nc

• Loudspeakers: 2 X-Balanced speakers + 2 passive membranes + 2 broadband speakers (detachable speakers)

• Technologies: 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, Sony Upmix

• Bluetooth compatibility

• Other(s): Wireless surround speakers, battery operation, portable audio system

• Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 306 x 97 x 123 mm for the main speaker, 122 x 39 x 122 mm for the surround speakers

• Consumption: 45 W for the main speaker + 3 W for each surround speaker

• Weight: 1.4 kg for the main speaker, 2 kg for surround speakers