0/1 Phone, foldable digital detox (concept)

When too much communication hurts communication, a return to simplicity is called for.

Conceived as a remedy for the technologies of over-communication which ultimately cut some of our fellow human beings off from the world, the Light Phone range launched a few years ago is a first step towards "digital detox", i.e. using your smartphone to to really communicate rather than wasting time.

Concept 0/1 Phone signed by designer Andrea Mangone

The idea inspired designer Andrea Mangone who imagined a concept called 0/1 Phone, presenting itself as the best of both worlds. This foldable screen smartphone is indeed a very classic model in unfolded mode (social networks, video games, multimedia content, etc.), and becomes a minimalist gadget when folded.

Smartphone and nightstand clock

Folded up, the device has a very simple e-ink screen, showing only the essentials. The interface can be customized to display a clock, music player, calendar, or other minimalist applications. Placed vertically on a surface, the square even resembles a sort of “smart” bedside table clock with an elegant design (see photo above).