Prime Video announces Trash: series on Loft Story, the first French reality TV

Prime Video announces for 2024 a series "inspired by real events" telling the story of the arrival of reality TV in France in 2001 with Loft Story.

“2001. The World Trade Center towers are still standing and the French are world champions… M6 launches its new program Loft Story. Behind the two-way mirrors, at the helm of the show, a group of young producers is ready to do anything to find a place in the big leagues. They are not 35 and together they have to invent everything. But the show will quickly become a social scandal and shake up all the certainties of these reality TV pioneers”.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert and Loana involved

This is the pitch of Trash, an original Prime Video series of 6 episodes (52 minutes each) which will be broadcast next year. Inspired by the memories of Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of Loft Story, as well as other participants (Loana, the winner, confirmed her involvement), the series shines with its potential because there was literally a before and an after Loft Story, whose impact on French TV is still felt today.