Thomson TV, rebirth of the brand with 40 new models from 24'' to 85''

The Thomson TV brand, born in France 130 years ago, is making a remarkable and remarkable return to Europe in 2023 with the launch of some forty new references from the start of this summer. His credo? Offer the best of audio-video innovation to guide the consumer towards “the right choice at the right price”. The editorial staff of offers you an overall presentation of the range before going back in detail to certain series on the occasion of subsequent news.

Discovered during a European press conference ten days ago in Paris, the 2023 TV range signed Thomson aims to be ambitious with televisions featuring innovations that are truly at the service of users. The objective is stated: to once again become a major player in the TV market in Europe, starting with France.

Thomson TV, 5 series to start…

To do this, the new Thomson team (composed of product specialists who have already worked for the biggest global brands in the sector) has adopted its strategy: to meet all consumer needs with perfectly adapted models, and always at the right price.

Thus the Easy TV series, which does not have a Smart TV function, targets users who do not care about this equipment or who are already equipped with an Apple TV type box, nVidia Shield TV or Android TV box (see our test complete version of the Thomson THA100 by clicking on its reference). The Smart TV series uses the ingredients of the Easy TV, you will have understood this from its name, supplemented by the Smart Android TV functionality.

Namely, the latter offer 12/24 V specimens with a small diagonal (24''/32''), with a perfect finish (white or black color even at the back of the TV) and a successful design (very thin frame of the LCD panel), intended for mobility (motorhome for example, see screen below).

Three other TV series are on the program, UHD Smart TV, QLED TV and Premium QLED TV, from 43'' (109 cm) to 85'' (216 cm). All these televisions benefit from HDR Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos, with the presence of a sound bar (and central stand on the 65''/75'') on the most upscale references.

Thomson TV, the true meaning of innovation illustrated

To illustrate the philosophy of the Thomson 2023 TVs, we can cite a remote control suitable for the oldest among us and/or the visually impaired, with larger keys, limited in number, but still equipped with a favorite button to access via a single press, for example, to his favorite channel. “The time has come to rediscover the true meaning of innovation, the right mix for the right use. This is our Great Resolution! » declares Stéphane Cotte, General Manager of Thomson Electronic.

Thomson TV, Mini LED and Oled approaching…

Namely, after this first salvo of models, Thomson is looking further ahead with the announcement of Mini LED and Oled TVs to come by the end of 2023. In addition to gaming and business monitors. Again, when asked about the positioning of these future products, the brand's representatives assured us that their prices will always be aggressive in order to be accessible to as many people as possible.