S'en fout la mort: one of Claire Denis' first films restored in 4K

Made in 1990, the second film by French director Claire Denis already brought together many of her favorite themes in a powerful social drama. To be rediscovered on Blu-Ray and DVD from June 28, 2023, on the occasion of the 4K restoration of the film.

Dah and Jocelyn, two immigrants who arrived in Paris from Africa and the West Indies, find clandestine work being responsible for organizing illegal cockfights, for the needs of a club boss. But while this one always asks them for more blood and spectacle, Jocelyn becomes attached to one of the beasts, named S'en fout la mort.

A fierce and raw social drama

Assistant to Robert Enrico or Wim Wenders (as in the superb Paris, Texas) in the 70s and 80s, Claire Denis began her career as a director in 1988 with Chocolat, a drama evoking colonization in Cameroon. Cherished themes that will haunt many of her films, which she transposed in her second essay, released in 1990, S'en fout la mort, a fierce and raw social drama.

For this film, she is inspired by Frantz Fanon's book, Black skin, white masks (1952), which evokes the relationship between whites, Africans and West Indians. She draws a dark film from it, written in the lowlands, which mixes racism and ordinary cruelty. On this occasion, she finds the actor Isaach de Bankolé, who forms a memorable duo with Alex Descas. Facing them, Jean-Claude Brialy surprises as a sinister boss.

Don't give a damn death restored in 4K

Restored in 4K, S'en fout la mort will be available in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo on June 28, 2023 from Pathé. To accompany the film (1.66, 93 minutes, French DTS-HD Master Audio mono 2.0), an interview with Claire Denis and her director-operator Agnès Godard, captured on the occasion of the whole memory of the world festival in 2023.