Delayed releases for Avatar 3, 4 and 5!

The next Avatar films of James Cameron's saga are postponed to 2025, 2029 and 2031 respectively! There's plenty of water flowing under the bridges!

It's official, Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are falling behind, and that's an understatement. According to Variety, the Disney release schedule just changed and there won't be Avatar 3 in theaters until December 19, 2025 (instead of December 2024). You will then have to wait until December 21, 2029 to see Avatar 4 land in cinemas. As for Avatar 5, it will not be necessary to slam before December 19, 2031 (we love the precision of the day), that is to say twenty-two years after the release of the first Avatar in 2009.

Blade and Thunderbolts also delayed

A "delay" which would be due to the writers' strike which is raging in Hollywood. And that's not the only Disney production to be delayed as Marvel's Blade and Thunderbolts have already been pushed back to the Greek Calends, while all the Star Wars movies are all at least a year behind in the gums.

Most polished movies ever

As for the production of Avatar, we explain that we will use this extra time to refine even more the visual effects of the next feature films. Here's a good idea, which others could learn from. For Indy 5, it's too late, but other productions may well follow this salutary example.