ChatGPT writes an episode of Black Mirror: “shitty”

Who better than the creator of the Black Mirror series to give us his opinion on an emerging and potentially dangerous technology?

On June 15, the sixth season of Black Mirror, a series of anticipation on the excesses of technology, arrives on Netflix on June 15, most of the episodes of which - however fictional - have almost become reality only a few years after their broadcast.

ChatGPT, the word to Charlie Brooker, creator of the Black Mirror series

During an interview, Empire magazine did not hesitate to ask the creator of the series -Charlie Brooker- about the technology of the moment, namely artificial intelligence, and more particularly the generator of ChatGPT answers. "I had a little fun with ChatGPT," says Brooker. The first thing I typed is "generate an episode of Black Mirror", and it gave me something that, on the face of it, seems plausible, but on closer inspection is crap. All ChatGPT did was watch all of the Black Mirror episode synopses to mix them up a bit. Then, if you dig a little deeper, you say to yourself that, in fact, there is no real original thought here”.

Reassure yourself, ChatGPT is not yet ready to replace the screenwriters. Just a matter of time?