Facial and digital recognition: no more car keys?

Probably a day will come when you won't need a key, card or smartphone to get into your car and start it.

The evolution of smartphones has brought biometric recognition into our lives, namely accessing our gadgets via facial recognition or fingerprint capture. But the technology is not yet widespread on our cars, these requiring the presence of a physical object to be used: keys of course, card or smartphone at Tesla, smartphone at BMW, or connected bracelet for Jaguar.

Genesis luxury sedan: biometric opening and starting

The change is however underway, because at the end of the year 2022 Genesis - high-end branch of Hyundai - announced the arrival of biometric unlocking on its vehicles. And now the Genesis GV60 vintage 2023 car is the first to offer this technology. Concretely, it is enough to approach the door so that it opens, the latter recognizing your face via a short-range infrared camera. And to start, simply place your finger on the surface provided for this purpose near the steering wheel. We will appreciate the practical side, requiring no object to function.

In addition, this system puts an end to criminal unlocks via dubious devices, although the ability of robbers to adapt to new types of technology should not be underestimated. Finally, be aware that biometric data is stored in the car, not shared online in the Cloud.