First flexible 8K Oled screen manufactured using the inkjet process

TCL's CSOT subsidiary presented the very first flexible 65'' Ultra HD 8K Oled screen, manufactured using the inkjet process.

At Display Week 2023 held in Los Angeles at the end of May, TCL presented the very first flexible 65” 8K Oled screen, manufactured with the inkjet process ( Ink-Jet Printing).

TCL IJP Oled 8K prototype screen

A prototype more precisely designed by CSOT -for China Star Optoelectronics Technology- subsidiary of TCL specialized in the development and production of screens, which are used not only on TCL televisions, but also within many other major brands, for example Samsung. As a reminder, inkjet production technology (IJP or Ink-Jet Printing) is a significant evolution of conventional manufacturing, operating by deposition and evaporation to manufacture the thin film containing the organic diodes. And if TCL had presented a similar product in 2021 (we were already telling you about it), the latter was not yet a flexible model.

Talk to TCL

Thus, the recently presented version has the particularity of folding in half on itself, and even of pivoting to form a flat surface integrated into a table (see the video below from the specialized site Oled-Info). “The world's first flexible 65” 8K inkjet printed OLED display brings the industry the largest flexible OLED foldable display to date, based on inkjet printing technology, with the highest resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, TCL said. The screen uses Igzo TFT technology and ultra-precise inkjet printing technology for a total of 33 million pixels per image. By combining ultra-thin and ultra-strong module materials, the product has a bend radius of less than 25mm and a bend life of up to 100,000 bends.”