iPhone 16 Pro Max, even bigger

New details on the increase in size of the iPhone 16 Pro, more than a year from their release in 2024.

A few days ago, analyst Ross Young, often knowledgeable about what's happening on Asian manufacturing lines, claimed that the 2024 iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will get a larger screen than those of the next iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (which will retain the diagonals currently in force).

6.3'' and 6.9'' screens for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max?

Thus next year's models would welcome two new larger diagonals: 6.3'' (16 cm) and 6.9'' (17.5 cm), respectively for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, against 6.1'' and 6.7'' currently. A rumor corroborated by a source from the 9to5mac site, who got their hands on technical diagrams of the Pro Max model. The device would thus grow more in height than in width, with a vertical dimension increasing by 5 mm to approximately 165 mm, and a horizontal dimension increasing by only 0.5 mm to reach approximately 77.2 millimeters. Of course, the rumor cycle for the iPhone 16s is still in its infancy and it is a matter of taking this information with a grain of salt.