New haptic buttons, on iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max

It's been confirmed, the new touch surfaces replacing the volume buttons should only arrive from next year's iPhone 16.

Since November last year there have been rumors about a key new feature on the next iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max, namely the disappearance of the mechanical buttons on the edges, replaced by invisible "touch" surfaces similar to the Home button of the iPhone 7 and 8. A change that would have notably improved the solidity and water resistance of smartphones.

iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max with late 2024 haptic buttons

But last April, change of course: the functionality was canceled at the last moment during the engineering verification test phase or EVT (Engineering Verification Test). In question, technical problems due to the complexity of this novelty. It will therefore be necessary to wait until the end of 2024 and the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max to see this function materialize, information recently confirmed by the well-informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Again, only Pro models will be affected.