Lamborghini, the man behind the legend: Frank Grillo on Blu-Ray May 25

The unreleased theatrical biopic centered on Ferruccio Lamborghini, played by Frank Grillo, will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD on May 25 by Program Store.

Ferruccio Lamborghini (Frank Grillo), a modest tractor manufacturer, dreams of creating the most beautiful racing car. He offers an association to Enzo Ferrari (Gabriel Byrne) who curtly rejects him. From then on, Lamborghini thinks only of beating its rival in a car competition. A future Grand Prix in Geneva could offer him the opportunity…

Frank Grillo, always intense

The biopic Lamborghini, the man behind the legend is adapted from the hagiography by Tonino Lamborghini, the son of. It is useless in these conditions to hope for anything other than a classic saga without many hiccups.

But on paper, Lamborghini seems on the right track: behind the camera, we find screenwriter and now filmmaker Bobby Moresco, Oscar winner for the script of Collision. Facing the lens, beautiful people. In addition to the always intense Frank Grillo (Boss Level, Kingdom), we also discover the impeccable Gabriel Byrne (The war of the worlds, In therapy US version), Mira Sorvino (Cursed Aphrodite), Fortunato Cerlino (Inferno, Gomorrah) or even Hanna van der Westhuysen (Sandman, Grantchester).

For fans of success stories and big cars

Lamborghini, the man behind the legend has yet to find its way to French cinemas. And no more the hearts of moviegoers if we are to believe his very low satisfaction rating (6%) on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Lamborghini, does the man behind the legend deserve such disenchantment? Lovers of success stories and large cars will be able to get an idea on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD on May 25 after a broadcast on OCS. The Blu-Ray version published by Program Store will notably have a VF and a VOST DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. However, the publisher has not yet provided any information on the content of the modules accompanying the film.