After Gerard Butler, Mathieu Kassovitz arrives in the series The fall of Paris

The film franchise The Fall of the White House (2013) will become a series for Studiocanal (therefore intended to be broadcast on Canal+) with Mathieu Kassovitz.

After three naughty action films, The Fall of the White House (2013), The Fall of London (2016) then The Fall of the President (2019), the sequel is coming in a series version under the name The Fall of Paris.

Mathieu Kassovitz becomes Mr Secret Service

And it is Mathieu Kassovitz (The Legends Office) who will take on the leading role. The official synopsis specifies: “It will be about an officer ensuring the protection of a French minister, who has become the target of a terrorist group led by a man named Jacob. Vincent will work in conjunction with MI6 agent Zara to ensure the politician's safety, but the pair will find themselves caught up in a larger conspiracy, suspecting a colleague in the security services of providing information to Jacob, who still has a ahead of them in his mission to bring down Paris”.

Will Gerard Butler be making an appearance?

Howard Overman (Misfits) was in charge of writing the screenplay for the series, of which Oded Ruskin should direct a majority of episodes. Filming is due to begin in London and Paris on May 30. If Gerard Butler is co-producer of the series (seen recently in Mayday), nothing says yet if he will make an appearance as Mike Banning, the US secret service agent of the film franchise, in one of the future episodes from the Serie. Source: Deadline