iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, even bigger screens

Next year's high-end iPhones could benefit from a "significant" appearance update.

According to analyst Ross Young (via macrumors), often knowledgeable about what's happening on Asian manufacturing lines, the 2024 iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will get a bigger screen than the next iPhones 15 Pro and Pro Max, which will retain the diagonals currently in effect.

iPhone 16 and 16 Pro, even bigger screens

Concretely, where iPhones have been divided for a while into two screen sizes -6.1'' and 6.7''- next year's models will welcome two new larger diagonals: 6.3'' ' (16 cm) and 6.9'' (17.5 cm), respectively for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, for their part, will remain with the current diagonal, i.e. 6.1 '' and 6.7 inches. Of course, this is only the diagonal and no details are yet available on the proportions of the screen. But they should be revealed on May 23 at Display Week in Los Angeles.

Note that this increase in screen size could be accompanied by a change in design, and/or a reduction in the thickness of the borders.