Google Pixel Tablet, return of the web giant to the tablet market

Google presents its very first tablet, accompanied by a charging stand equipped with speakers, the Pixel Tablet.

Pixel Tablet, a name a priori logical for this new tablet signed Google, and which is added to the ecosystem of other products labeled Pixel. The device is equipped with an 11'' screen (about 28 cm) and is distinguished by the charging station that accompanies it. It is indeed equipped with speakers and thus improves the sound of the tablet, for a better viewing and/or listening experience. Another support, openwork and light, exists.

Google Pixel Tablet with Chromecast function (integrated)

Placed on its support, the tablet can then act as a digital photo frame but also as a connected screen to control home automation products in the house, such as thermostats, lighting systems and other compatible locks. Running naturally on Android, the Google Pixel Tablet is equipped with the proprietary Tensor G2 processor, and it is also the first tablet with Chromecast (integrated), allowing for example to receive “casted” music and videos from your Pixel smartphone. Similarly, Google Assistant is available for voice control of the Google Pixel Tablet, ditto for Google Meet and more than 50 applications optimized for the latest addition from Google.

Google Pixel Tablet, aluminum and recycled materials

Featuring a special nano-ceramic coating that looks like porcelain, the Pixel Tablet is made of at least 30% recycled materials and a casing including 100% recycled aluminum. Available in Sage Green and Porcelain colors at an indicative price of €679, charging station included.