Apple Watch, the most satisfying of smartwatches

Apple's connected watch wins all the votes of satisfaction among smartwatch owners.

According to a recent study by Counterpoint Research, the Apple Watch is used by approximately 80% of iPhone owners who also use a connected watch. For comparison, 71% of owners of Android smartphones also equipped with a smartwatch use a Pixel Watch.

Smartwatch, different expectations depending on the age of the users

The study also lists the most popular functions of connected watches: notifications and messaging for younger users, health for older ones. In terms of satisfaction, more than 70% of consumers say they are very satisfied with their Apple Watch, and 82% say they wear it every day.

The word to researcher Matthew Orf

“This consumer research confirms our general hypothesis: consumers typically buy their devices as part of a larger ecosystem of devices and operating systems,” says research analyst Matthew Orf. Apple and iOS dominate the US smartphone market, and iPhone users are more likely to adopt other Apple products due to their superior interoperability."