Samsung invested 3 billion to improve its Oled production

With the aim of supporting iPads and other Apple products in the Oled transition, Samsung Display is releasing several billion dollars in new production lines.

We don't tell you anything, Samsung Display - a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of screens - is the largest manufacturer of OLED screens in the world. In particular, it provides screens for iPhones and smartphones from other brands.

More than 3 billion dollars invested by Samsung Display to double its production

According to the latest news from the Japanese media Nikkei Asia, Samsung Display recently invested just over $3 billion in manufacturing new OLED production lines at its Tangjeong plant in Korea. It will be the first line capable of producing Gen 8.6 OLED substrates, measuring 2620 x 2200 mm each. These will then be converted into Oled screens for tablets and laptops.

Oled screens for future Apple MacBook Pro

And knowing that Apple should launch its first iPad Oled in 2024, and its first MacBook Pro Oled in 2026, the timing could not be more appropriate. Note that Gen 8.6 improves production efficiency and more than doubles end-of-line volumes compared to the previous generation.