Brad Pitt will drive an F1 himself for a film co-produced by Lewis Hamilton

Brad Pitt will drive a real Formula 1 car for his next feature film.

It is the director of Top Gun Maverick, Joseph Kosinski, who is directing this film on Formula 1 and who, like Tom Cruise in Maverick, will also film his star Brad Pitt in real driving conditions.

Onboard 6K cameras

The director's approach will actually be the same as for Top Gun Maverick. All the actors in the film will shoot scenes inside a custom F1 type single-seater designed by Mercedes. The car will also carry a tiny 6K camera to capture the reactions of the actors as closely as possible.

Like an air of Thunder Day

The shooting of the film will take place from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone until the end of the 2023 season. The shots will be taken between two sessions without any other car on the track. The project would be a continuation of Day of Thunder directed by Tony Scott in 1990, which starred Tom Cruise, and already at the time produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Lewis Hamilton, co-producer of the film

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who also produced the film, oversaw the script, which traces the journey of a circuit veteran who comes out of retirement to face a new recruit. Dawson Idris will co-star in the film, which does not yet have a title or release date. Source: Roadandtrack