A film entirely made by an AI, a Russo Brothers prediction!

The Russo brothers predict films made entirely by artificial intelligence within two years.

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Avengers: Endgame and Amazon's upcoming blockbuster spy series Citadel, recently shared their thoughts on the future of AI and cinema.

A film entirely directed by an AI within two years?

Joe Russo said, "In two years, you'll be able to see a movie that's completely made by an artificial intelligence that will be so compelling you won't know the difference." Before adding: I am on the board of directors of several companies and the ideas around AI are teeming; it is in constant evolution and everything is possible to exploit it either in a game, or in a film, or in a television series”.

Your photorealistic avatar in the movie

Another possibility is that people will be able to insert their own avatar into the movies: "Hey, I want a movie featuring my photorealistic avatar and Marilyn Monroe's photorealistic avatar." I want it to be a romantic comedy because I had a rough day. Add to that a very competent story with dialogue that mimics your voice, and suddenly you have in front of you a romantic comedy with you and Marilyn Monroe that lasts 90 minutes”.

And when we ask the brothers where the technology is at, they conclude "We don't know the exact date but we think we're not very far from it" Afterwards, will the film be well, that's another story! When we see certain films by the Russo brothers, we think that they already have the “A” certification for “Artificial”, for the rest… Source: