More than 200 million Smart TVs in the USA

“Normal” televisions are on the way out to make way for so-called “smart” models.

According to a recent study by Hub Entertainment (via Advanced Television), with an average of 1.7 Smart TVs per household in the United States, there would be 204 million of these devices in American homes today.

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77% of households equipped with television say they have a Smart TV, a figure which was 66% three years ago. Of all sets in the USA, 61% are Smart TVs, compared to only 45% in 2020. 88% of households regularly use the video streaming capabilities integrated into their Smart TVs, even though they do not were only 75% in 2020.

“Smart TVs will continue to make up an ever-increasing share of TVs as almost all but the smallest TVs now have smart capabilities,” says David Tice, Principal Consultant for Hub. Increased ownership of smart TVs—and their growing use for streaming—creates steady growth and opportunity for broadcasters, advertisers, TV makers, and other stakeholders.”