Netflix is over (renting DVDs/Blu-Ray)

As the Blu-Ray/DVD market shrinks year by year, Netflix will cease its original activity - mail-order movie rentals - to focus solely on video streaming.

We tend to forget, but Netflix only started video streaming in 2007. Before that, the American company competed with Blu-Ray/DVD rental stores by sending movies by mail to its customers. Netflix was therefore a mail-order DVD rental service, and it will still be… until September 29.

Netflix, over 5.2 billion Blu-Ray/DVD rentals since 1998

Indeed, the platform recently announced that it will send its last disc by mail on September 29, 2023. Netflix explains that it is increasingly difficult to offer a quality service given the constantly decreasing demand for physical formats. For the record, Netflix sent out its first DVD in 1998 (it was Beetlejuice) and has since sent over 5.2 billion movies (the majority before 2019) to over 40 million subscribers.