All Apple TV offered on Canal

Huge news for Canal+ subscribers and fans of Apple TV+ series (Ted Lasso, WeCrashed…). All Apple TV+ is coming to Canal+ for free. Yes, you read that right, for free.

It would have been April 1st, we would have thought it was a joke. But no. The boss of Canal+ confirmed it himself on Twitter a few minutes ago: “Today, Canal+ signed a historic, multi-year agreement with Apple. From April 20, all Canal+ subscribers will have access to AppleTV+ content at no additional cost and directly in myCanal”.

Old and new Canal+ subscribers

The Canal+ press release that followed confirms and specifies that new Canal+ subscribers will also be affected: “All new Canal+ subscribers will also benefit from Apple TV+ included in their offer, as of their subscription. All Apple TV+ content can be viewed directly on myCanal and in the Canal+ universe of partner decoders and Canal+ decoders”.

Good pick

Specifically, it's free access to the new film Ghosted with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas (April 21), to the Franco-Japanese series The Drops of God inspired by the hit manga (April 21), to Silo , science fiction series with Rebecca Ferguson adapted from Hugh Howey's dystopian trilogy (May 5). And of course Apple cult programs like Ted Lasso, WeCrashed, The Morning Show, Tehran, Liaison, See, Severance, For All Mankind, Foundation. And feature films: Coda, Greyhound, Finch, Luck, Causeway, Emancipation, Tetris…

A question remains unanswered at the time of writing these lines (we asked the question…): will Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR Dolby Vision also be there, as on the AppleTV+ platform? ?