House of the Dragon: only 8 episodes for season 2

Season 2 of the Game of Thrones spin-off will be two episodes less than the first, and season 3 would already be confirmed.

According to indiscretions collected by the site Deadline, the second season of House of the Dragon (prequel to Game of Thrones) will finally have 8 episodes, ie 2 less than the first.

A welcome change of pace

This shortening (8 episodes instead of 10 initially planned) is supposedly attributed to the change in management at the owner of HBO, Warner Bros. Discovery, focused on limiting expenses. However, an HBO spokesperson confirmed to Deadline that this reduction was decided to better pace the story.

HBO sees far for House of the Dragon

We learn in passing that season 3 is already planned and that it is about to be validated. HBO is seriously considering validating the scripts, the cast and a production plan, preferring to commit to the long term rather than to question itself with each season.

In total, the series is expected to span four seasons, although this is not yet confirmed as there are still many back and forths between writer George Martin and showrunner Ryan Condal, in order determine the optimal length to best tell the whole story. The production of this season 2 of House of the Dragon has already started in the United Kingdom, the broadcast should start in the summer of 2024.