Liquid-cooled OnePlus smartphone: wooow!

Incredible prototype that presents for the first time on mobile a technology usually reserved for competition PCs.

On the occasion of the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Chinese company OnePlus presented a unique smartphone concept, since it is the first mobile equipped with an active liquid cooling system. Nice feat when you know that such technology is already not easy to implement in PCs for gamers.

OnePlus liquid-cooled smartphone, useful and beautiful at the same time

In addition to the beautiful technical gesture, the model presented also shines with its aesthetics since the tubes circulating the coolant are visible at the back of the smartphone. So pretty that it was necessary to convince the journalists on site that it was not a 3D animation on a screen, but indeed the cooling system itself.

OnePlus liquid-cooled smartphone, coming to stores soon?

Such technology is of course not necessary today, except in the niche market of the "gamer" smartphone, but OnePlus seems sufficiently proud of its achievement to suggest that we will soon see it on a commercial model. Source: Phone Arena