Screening Mission impossible 7: the first returns are breathtaking

As usual, Paramount hosted a test screening of a rough cut of Mission: Impossible 7, and the feedback was rave reviews.

There is an unspoken rule among studios in Hollywood that when you do a test screening of a movie, you don't communicate the outcome unless the feedback is so amazing you can't doubt it a single second of the film's future success.

“The movie is crazy”

This is what seems to have happened for the next Mission impossible with Tom Cruise. It was even Bob Bakish, president of Paramount Global, who communicated on the results of the first screening of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One: “We just did the first test screening of the film with an audience last week. By the end of the screening, they were all going crazy. The film is still too long, they have to cut it. But the movie is crazy. It's a pure roller coaster, and Tom is very good at it”.

Fireworks announced July 14

The last Mission: Impossible - Fallout was the highest-grossing film in the series with $791.6 million worldwide. Intoxicated by the success of Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick, Paramount begins to consider that the next Mission impossible could be the first film in the franchise to cross the bar of the billion dollars of receipts. Start of response on July 14, the film's release date in the USA. Source: Indiewire