Filmmaker Dolby Vision mode approaching…

The evolution of the Filmmaker Mode announced at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 (see our news CES 22 > Filmmaker Mode Phase 2 soon in your televisions) for all televisions should also lead to the definition of a Filmmaker mode dedicated to HDR Dolby Vision.

Limited to SDR and HDR10 content, the Filmmaker mode introduced in 2019 and developed by the UHD Alliance in partnership with Hollywood studios has been subject to an overhaul for some time now, with the aim of taking viewing habits into account. consumers, very different from one country to another.

Michael Zink, President of the UHD Alliance announces the Filmmaker Mode Dolby Vision

Thus, while the Filmmaker mode is optimized for watching movies in a dark room, like in the cinema, the vast majority of television owners around the world take advantage of their screen with extra light. Similarly, the Filmmaker mode is not at all relevant to a Dolby Vision HDR signal, the broadcaster then switching to an exclusive Dolby Vision Image mode (there is an exception with Philips TVs and the Dolby Vision Bright setting for which the processing of the P5 processor remains appropriate). The TechRadar site tells us that things could change in the years to come with the approval of a Dolby Vision Filmmaker mode at the end of 2022, information given by Michael Zink, President of the UHD Alliance present during a presentation of the new features. LG in the United States.

Filmmaker Dolby Vision mode, what about HDR TrueCut Motion

Apart from taking into account the ambient light conditions via the light sensor integrated into the screens, no other precision has filtered out as to the content of this Filmmaker Dolby Vision Mode, in particular with regard to the taking into account of the new HFR TrueCut Motion technology which aims to reconcile supporters of motion compensation and those of native 24p display (see our news Titanic and Avatar remastered in 4K HDR and HFR TrueCut Motion).

Filmmaker Dolby Vision mode, in 2024 in LG TVs?

That this announcement was made during an LG event is probably anything but a coincidence. The Korean manufacturer should most certainly be the first to integrate this functionality in its future televisions, not in 2023 but perhaps for the 2024 range.