Ads on Apple TV, it's taking shape...

A recent hiring at Apple suggests that advertising could arrive through a new offer from its Apple TV+ platform.

Last November there was a rumor about the appearance of advertisements on the Apple TV+ streaming service. And in January, additional information indicated that Apple was looking for a president of advertising purchases for television content.

Laurent Fry in charge of advertising on Apple TV+

According to The Information, the job offer has been filled and it is Lauren Fry who will “help build an advertising business for the Apple TV Plus streaming service”. To inflate its turnover, Apple has already placed advertising in its App Store last year, and would like to do the same on its applications such as Maps, Books and Podcasts. So it's no big surprise that ad breaks are also being considered on its video streaming service.

Price war, subscriber war

Today, the Apple TV+ offer is billed at €6.99 per month. A new option supported by advertising would thus offer a lower and therefore very competitive price (as a reminder, Netflix is at €5.99 with ads) which could attract more subscribers.