Huawei Watch GT Cyber, connected watch with removable dial

Huawei launches the very first connected watch whose dial can be separated from the strap.

While rumors suggest that Meta is preparing its own smartwatch with a removable dial, Huawei seems to have outdone it by releasing its own similar model called Huawei Watch GT Cyber. So Meta dreamed it, Huawei did it? Not quite, as we explain below.

Huawei Watch GT Cyber, replaceable strap and dial

Indeed, the model - still in development - from Meta has the particularity of having a photo sensor, making the dial a real little camera. No camera at Huawei, the removable side being more aesthetic. And it is rather to the Apple Watch that this watch should be compared, for the personalization aspect. Where it is only possible to change the bracelet on the Apple model, with the Huawei Watch GT Cyber, it is the bracelet but also the circumference of the dial that can be replaced.

Huawei Watch GT Cyber, global launch starting in Mexico

We can thus go from a minimalist style to luxurious passing by sport in two times three movements. No release date in France for the moment, but the global launch has just started in Mexico. When will we be here?