Samsung The Freestyle 21/9 Cinemascope (Smart Edge Blending), 2023 vintage mandatory…

Seen in a private room at the IFA Berlin 2022 show last September, at the research & development stage, the Smart Edge Blending function associated with the Samsung The Freestyle video projector was officially presented at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023. To display at itself a genuine Cinemascope image.

Unfortunately, while the initial announcement regarding the availability of the Smart Edge Blending feature mentioned a Firmware update for Samsung The Freestyle mono-DLP LED video projectors, we now know that the latter will only be accessible through video projectors The Freestyle vintage 2023.

Samsung The Freestyle 2023 mandatory for Smart Edge Blending feature

Owners of a Samsung The Freestyle will therefore not be able, even with the addition of a second Samsung The Freestyle, to enjoy a true Cinemascope image at a ratio of 2.35. For this, it will be necessary to have two new Samsung The Freestyle vintage 2023 whose marketing is announced for the month of April. Namely, this new model will also ship the latest version of the Tizen operating system, in particular to take advantage of the Gaming Hub (see our news Samsung 2022 Smart TVs dematerialize PCs and consoles).

Samsung The Freestyle 2023, main specs

For the rest, even if we don't yet know all the specifications of the next Samsung The Freestyle, we should find all the equipment of the original model (see our CES 22 news > Samsung The Freestyle, short focal length video projector /ultra-design mobile Bluetooth speaker), without forgetting the possibility of using it on battery power for about 3 hours.

Samsung The Freestyle and Smart Edge Blending, 21/9 picture or Cinemascope at home

As a reminder, the principle of the Smart Edge Blending function is as follows: following the purchase of two Samsung The Freestyle 2023 video projectors, it will suffice to combine the images projected by each of The Freestyle to obtain a display ratio of 21/ 9, or in Cinemascope format. All without alignment or prior adjustments. Everything will be managed by the video projectors. The only constraint concerns their placement, there is no question, for example, that one is located above the other…