Teufel Musicstation, connected speaker integrated audio CD player

Teufel presents its latest connected speaker with audio CD player, the Musicstation, capable of accommodating a very wide choice of audio sources.

More than a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker (to take advantage of audio streaming services), the Teufel Musicstation is capable of managing almost all possible audio sources, starting with audio CDs with its integrated player, and various music streaming platforms, including through Spotify Connect and Amazon Music certifications.

Teufel Musicstation: DAB+, Internet radios, Bluetooth 5.0 APT-X…

The RNT is also one of its attributes via the presence of a DAB+ tuner (in addition to an FM tuner), the same for Web radios. The Teufel Musicstation provides Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility with APT-X. Namely, Google Home compatibility is a must.

Teufel Musicstation, connectivity

Besides its connectivity, the Teufel Musicstation also has a 3.5 mm mini-jack stereo input/output plus an auxiliary input. Finally, a USB port is also included to play MP3, WMA, Wav, Flac and AAC files.

Teufel Musicstation, acoustic package

Controllable with a remote control or with the Teufel Remote app on an iOS or Android smartphone, the Musicstation is equipped with two full-range loudspeakers and two front-facing boomers, plus two other full-range specimens oriented at 45 ° approximately and placed at both ends for lateral sound diffusion (see photo above), with the aim of recreating a surround environment. We can also mention a bass-reflex load (two vents are present at the back of the Musicstation). The total power delivered by the Class D amplifier is 90 watts.

The speaker can be positioned flat or upright on its built-in feet. It can also be hung on the wall using the included mounting brackets. Available at an indicative price of €449.99, the Musicstation is customizable with colored fronts (5 different colors) available individually at an indicative price of €39.99.