Netflix password sharing: from €4 to €6 to add a member to his account?

Thing promised, thing due. Netflix begins to tighten the screw on password sharing, in some European countries.

Last year, Netflix decided to tighten the screws on password sharing, the practice of giving free access to your Netflix account to someone who does not live under your roof.

Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, new password sharing rules

The company has thus tested in several countries of South America a functionality allowing to add an additional member to its account via additional payment. The test turned out to be satisfactory and the functionality is beginning to be formalized to be extended to several other countries. Before these options inevitably arrive in France, it is already Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain that are concerned. Thus, Standard or Premium subscribers can add respectively one and two additional members to their account for the unit price of €3.99 in Portugal, €5.99 in Spain. This gives an idea of the price that could be charged with us.

New password sharing rule, preserved viewing history

Note also the possibility for users to manage their account on a new dedicated page, in particular to find out if other devices are using their account without their knowledge, and to deactivate them remotely. Finally, the profiles can be transferred to another account, making it easier to transition to a paid subscription, and retaining its recommendations, viewing history, and other preferences.

New password sharing rule, what about controls?

Besides these new features, at the time of writing nothing more has been announced by Netflix, in particular on the control procedure put in place by the service to track those who would choose the status quo, and for those who travel a lot and would use their account while traveling or in their second home. The platform only indicates that its members will always be able to access their content, regardless of their location. To see if these rules will be identical for France in a few weeks, before the deadline set by Netflix, at the end of March 2023.