The Rings of Power: over 100 million viewers

Amazon proudly announces the audience figures for its Lord of the Rings series, although the records are still held by competitor Netflix.

On the occasion of the announcement of its latest quarterly results, Amazon revealed that more than 100 million people had watched the series The Rings of Power on Prime Video. The firm claims that this first season is its most popular original production to date. As a reminder, this Lord of the Rings prequel is the most expensive series ever produced.

Big Hit (Prime Video-wide)

It is therefore the most watched Amazon Originals series in the world, with a total of 24 billion minutes viewed. However, according to figures compiled by FlatpanelsHD, we are still far from the real champions, all at Netflix: Stranger Things 4 (81 million minutes), Wednesday (74 million), Dahmer (51 million), and The Witcher season 1 (32 million).

What's more, with HBO not revealing its viewership figures, it's safe to bet that its series like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us (still in progress) shouldn't be far from the top . As for the Rings of Power, a season 2 is already on the way.