Wi-Fi 6e for iPhone 15 Pro?

After Wi-Fi 6 for the iPhone 14, the iPhones for the next school year could benefit from the new Wi-Fi 6e standard.

According to leaker Unknownz21 - who has already seen his predictions confirmed about the iPhone 14 for example - the next iPhone 15 Pro will be equipped with Wi-Fi 6e connectivity, while the current models are Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi 6th, késako?

The documents he got his hands on (see photo below) show a change in design for the Wi-FI antenna of the iPhone 15 Pro, compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. Wi-Fi 6e takes advantage of the 6 GHz frequency spectrum and offers higher bandwidth and better coverage than Wi-Fi 6, provided the router is also Wi-Fi 6e compatible.

Wi-Fi 6e exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro…

A few Apple devices have already upgraded to the Wi-Fi 6e standard, such as the latest Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. Note that this improvement will not arrive on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus and will be reserved for the Pro versions, in the same way as most of the other improvements such as the A17 Bionic chip and the Periscope photo lens.