Trailer Liaison, the Apple series with Eva Green and Vincent Cassel

First trailer of the Liaison series with Eva Green and Vincent Cassel, intended for Apple TV.

Nicely paced, this trailer does not really give the opportunity to discover the plot of the series to come on Apple TV, but already shows a beautiful duo of cinema: Eva Green (Casino Royale) and Vincent Cassel. Enough to want to know a little more, even if it's hard to shake off a feeling of slight disappointment at this stage.

French people at the heart of a thriller

Liaison is the first Franco-British production of Apple TV+. Composed of 6 60-minute episodes written by Virginie Brac (screenwriter notably of Engrenages on Canal+ and creator of Cheyenne and Lola broadcast on OCS), Liaison is directed by Stephen Hopkins (24 hours chrono).

Eva Green and Vincent Cassel share the bill with Peter Mullan (Ozark, Under the Lake), Gérard Lanvin (Camping), Bukky Bukray (Rocks), Thierry Fremont (Murder in Mind) and the now highly requested Philippine Leroy -Beaulieu (Emily in Paris).

February 24

The official synopsis for the series states: “A contemporary thriller that explores the issues and the possible devastating consequences of past mistakes on our future. The action series features an unexpected and complex narrative intertwined with political and spy intrigue, with the story of a passionate and unwavering love. The Liason series will arrive on the Apple+ platform from February 24, 2023.