iPhone 16 Pro Max, already the rumours…

AVCesar in the "tur-fu", with the first iPhone rumors already in almost two years.

There have been rumors for some time now that the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra, not yet sure about the name) for this upcoming school year would incorporate a “periscope” type photo sensor. And according to Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo - specialist in Apple indiscretions - the iPhone 16 Pro Max of 2024 would also be the only one in the range to accommodate this particularity.

"Periscope" photo module exclusive to the iPhone Pro Max, even in 2024

Until then, a feature reserved for an iPhone of the same batch is available at least on one of the other devices the following year. It would therefore be the first time that Apple would break this habit. In probable cause, the space necessary for the installation of such a lens within the smartphone. To ensure a logical variation, Apple would therefore have to review the size of the Pro model except to consider making the Plus model benefit from it (diagonal identical to the Pro Max as a reminder) without going through the Pro box, not very logical in view the iPhone upgrade…

“Periscope” photo module, késako?

As a reminder, a “periscope” type lens has mirrors placed specifically to obtain a greater focal length without taking up too much space. It thus allows devices such as smartphones to achieve more efficient optical zooms without increasing the size of the photo module too much.