Google, Apple and the others, still conquering artificial intelligence

The five tech giants -Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft- continue to invest in developing their AI-based functionalities.

According to the latest figures from the firm CB Insights dated June 2021, the five companies that are buying the most start-ups developing artificial intelligence (AI) are the famous "Gafam", i.e. Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta ), Amazon and Microsoft. Since 2010, nearly eighty companies have been taken over by Gafam.

Top 5 biggest buyers of artificial intelligence start-ups

Specifically, Apple is the biggest buyer with 29 startups acquired since 2010. These have contributed to key iPhone features like Siri and Face ID, among others. Next is Google with 15 takeovers. Note that Google was at the top of this ranking between 2012 and 2016, before giving way to Apple. Next come Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. Illustration: Statista