Red Eye 4K: Mom I didn't miss the plane!

Wes Craven signed in 2005 Red Eye -aka Under high pressure- an aerial thriller with Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy and Brian Cox. It is announced in 4K Ultra HD in March at Paramount.

After a seemingly impromptu and friendly meeting, Lisa and Jackson find themselves side by side on the same plane. She has a panic fear of the plane, him, an unavowable reason for his presence on board. Within minutes, Lisa finds herself stuck in an infernal spiral that could have repercussions on her own family.

High pressure in full flight

Wes Craven, the undisputed master of horror (Freddy, Scream), struck again in one of his very last films, turning the crowded cabin of an airplane into a place of nightmare and terrible loneliness for one of his passengers . Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy then looked like teenagers, while Craven printed this behind-the-scenes psychological thriller inspired by Phone Game released two years earlier (Joel Schumacher, 2003).

Red Eye is announced in 4K Ultra HD at Paramount on March 22nd. With Dolby Vision HDR label as a bonus.