The hilarious Just for your hair comes out uncensored

In 2008, Adam Sandler was at the height of his notoriety and sometimes committed himself in comedies a little too quickly. But Just for Your Hair is not one of them. Better, it will mark its time and is about to come back in force in an uncensored version on Blu-Ray from April 5th at ESC Edition. Just for fun.

He is fast, invincible and severely burned. Insensitive to pain and the laws of gravity, Adam Sandler is Zohan, Mossad star and Israeli war machine. Opposite, the “Phantom” (John Turturro), his lifelong enemy and Hezbollah, a sickly version of Rambo traumatized by kung-fu films. First sequence of the film, perhaps the most inventive, where Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler parody in accelerated the James Bond Movie and its hyper-machismo. But Zohan has a flaw, the love of hair and…Read more