James Cameron puts the mash to Marvel

There, it's done. Avatar the Way of the Water tops Avengers: Infinity War box office.

This week, according to Variety, Avatar the Way of the Water has accumulated 2.054 billion in worldwide box office revenue (1.4513 billion outside the USA), thus surpassing the score of Avengers: Infinity War with its 2.052 billion dollars of cumulative revenue in the world.

Soon 3 out of 4?

The next target in the crosshairs of Avatar the Way of the Water -and terribly accessible now- is Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its 2.068 billion recipes. James Cameron could then be the director of three feature films ranked in the four highest grossing world box office of all time.

As a reminder, the current podium is Avatar at 2.922 billion, Avengers: Endgame at 2.797 billion and Titanic with 2.194 billion. Knowing that, for the latter, a re-release is planned and that this risks once again upsetting this ranking.