These pretty earrings are also earphones with mini HP

Nova Audio's H1 Audio Earrings are earbuds too and transmit sound without entering the ear canal.

Rather ostentatious as earrings, Nova's H1 Audio Earrings are nevertheless discreet earphones. Behind the (genuine) pearls of this jewel hide loudspeakers which transmit the sound directionally towards the ears, without the ear canal being obstructed. The technology used does not use bone conduction like the Aftershok headphones, but rather a radiation system like the Sony Linkbuds.

Gold or silver, it's chic

The result is an additional "layer of sound" above the surrounding noise, making it possible not to be cut off. No noise reduction, but know that your sound is inaudible to people all around you. On the autonomy side, the headphones go up to 3.5 hours of playback. The charging case – an elegant jewelry box – brings the total up to 14 hours. Available in gold or silver at an indicative price of 695 euros.