€120 the iPhone 14 Pro?

If this iPhone 14 Pro is so cheap, it's because it's a shameless copy made by an unscrupulous Chinese manufacturer.

899 yuan or around €120 is the price of the LeEco S1 Pro smartphone, which at first glance looks like Apple's latest iPhone 14 Pro. Enough to show off by pretending that we have a device that costs at least €1,300, while only spending a tenth of its price.

The iPhone suit does not make the Android monk

Of course, on closer inspection the device is just a "simple" entry-level Android mobile, with a 60Hz LCD screen with a resolution of 1600 x 728 pixels instead of a 120 Hz variable and 2,556 x 1,179 pixel Oled specimen on the iPhone 14 Pro. No Face ID on the front either (but a fingerprint sensor on the side), and the ultimate trick comes from the triple main photo sensor, which actually hides a simple 13 Megapixel lens.

Interesting to consider though if you have a bad joke project…