Samsung Isocell HP2, new 200 megapixel sensor

Samsung Electronics presents the first evolution of its 200 Mpxls photo sensor for smartphones.

After introducing the very first 200 Mpxls sensor for smartphones at the end of 2021 -Isocell HP1- Samsung presents its successor, the Isocell HP2, which has just entered full-scale production.

Isocell HP2 200 Mpxls sensor, not bigger than 108 Mpxls sensor

The sensor has 200 million pixels with a size of 0.6 μm (micrometers) each, for a total optical format of 1/1.3''. A sensor size already used for existing 108 Mpxls modules. Thus, the Isocell HP2 does not occupy more space but develops increased performance, making it possible to limit the size of the growth on the back of mobiles.

Isocell HP2 200 Mpxls sensor, Tetrapixel technology

The Isocell HP2 takes advantage of Tetrapixel pixel-combining technology, automatically clumping together groups of pixels to adapt to light conditions. Thus, in the event of low light, the photosites combine (aggregate of 4 or 16 adjacent pixels) and the sensor “transforms” into a 50 Mpxls (1.2 μm) or 12.5 Mpxls (2.4 μm) specimen in order to to catch more light. Accuracy, for 8K Ultra HD video recordings, the HP2 adopts the 50 Mpxls 1.2 μm configuration, with a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

Isocell HP2 200 Mpxls sensor, 4K HDR photos and videos with the Smart-Iso Pro

Among other new image processing technologies, the Isocell HP2 features Smart-Iso Pro, an HDR solution that merges multiple Iso levels from a single exposure, allowing Ultra HD 4K HDR shooting at 60 fps, or capture HDR images at 12.5 megapixels.