Samsung Flex Hybrid, foldable AND expandable screen

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Samsung presented a new screen prototype that could one day arrive on smartphones and tablets.

Utilizing technologies already unveiled by Samsung Display in recent years, the Flex Hybrid screen is a prototype that is both foldable and extendable.

Samsung Display Flex Hybrid 4/3 screen unfolded, expandable to 16/10 stretched

Thus the left part of this concept tablet unfolds to reveal the screen, which can then extend further by sliding to the right. Size 10.5'' (26.67 cm) in 4/3 format when unfolded, the screen reaches 12.4'' (31.5 cm) in 16/10 format when extended. This is only a prototype, but we can imagine a Galaxy Z Fold-style smartphone which, once stretched, can become even larger to enjoy a video or a game, for example.

It remains to be seen when the public will be ready for such technological debauchery, knowing that the foldable market - even if it is constantly growing - still remains niche. Not to mention the price associated with such a model.