Samsung will produce Micro LED screens for smartwatches

After televisions, Samsung Display will expand its production of Micro LED screens to much smaller devices.

Until then reserved for the brand's high-end televisions, the Micro LED screens produced by Samsung will diversify to also concern much smaller products, starting with connected watches. At least that's what Korean site ET News says, citing its industry sources.

Samsung Smartwatch and Apple Watch coming soon to Micro LED screen?

Samsung Display would have established a team working on the project at the end of last year. Its goal is to make the technology marketable in the near future. However, the process is expected to take time, although Samsung is hopeful of completing development this year. Knowing that Samsung Display provides Oled screens for its own Galaxy Watch as well as for the competition, these new Micro LED screens will probably be inaugurated on the brand's connected watches. Note that Apple - also a Samsung customer - also wants to switch to Micro LED for its Apple Watch, but that the creator of the iPhone also has plans to produce its own screens.

Micro LED, technology superior to LCD and Oled

As a reminder, Micro LED technology offers significantly better performance than LCD and OLED, including better color reproduction, improved contrast, better energy efficiency and a higher light peak.