CES 23 > LG QNED85 Mini LED TV LG QNED80 and LG QNED75 Edge LED TV

In addition to its Oled TV range, LG Electronics also communicated on its LG QNED TV range equipped with a Mini LED backlight system for the LG QNED85 series, LED Edge for the LG QNED80 and LG QNED75 series. If last year, four TV series were on the program, in 2023 only three are on the menu.

The QNED 2023 TV range is therefore based on the three TV series LG QNED75, LG QNED80 and LG QNED85, all of which are Ultra HD 4K. No Ultra HD 8K series, bearing the surname QNED99, planned in France for the moment. However, the latter is well announced elsewhere in the world, so it could be distributed in our country at the start of the next school year if LG France so wishes. At the same time, LG France has confirmed to us that the NanoCell LCD series will be absent from its 2023 catalog.


Same as last year, only LG QNED85 series is equipped with Mini LED backlight system. Despite their name, the LG QNED80 and LG QNED75 have an Edge LED backlight system. Thus, the QNED80 specimens display an extremely reduced thickness, 33% thinner than the 2022 models. Namely, the LG QNED85 and LG QNED80 televisions benefit from a native 120 Hz LCD panel, only 60 Hz for the LG QNED75 TVs. Like last year, screen sizes vary between 50'' (127 cm) and 86'' (218 cm).

Alpha 7 Gen 6 processor and WebOS 23

In terms of image quality, the new Mini LED system of LG QNED85 screens allows management of a gray scale via a gradation of more than one million levels, 64 times more than an LED backlight system classics, according to LG. The rest of the specifications, common to all three QNED series, mention an Alpha 7 Gen 6 processor and the webOS23 Smart TV interface.

For the rest of the specifications, the LG QNED 2023 TVs remain very close to the 2022 models, the manufacturer increasingly abandoning the LCD TV market, which is extremely hard fought by all the other TV brands, to focus on its TV range Oled with the highest profitability.