Control your smartphone with facial expressions, we are not done having fun

Smile, raise eyebrows, look in one direction: the upcoming Android 12 will include an option to navigate with facial expressions. It promises !

The XDA-Developers site has discovered in the beta version of the Android 12 mobile operating system a new accessibility option allowing to associate a navigation action with a facial expression recognized by the front camera. In short: control your smartphone using facial movements.

Fascial Gym with Android 12

Recognized expressions are: open mouth, smile, raise eyebrows, look up, down, left and right. And among the actions that can be associated with these movements, we find: select, next, previous, Home, notifications and quick settings, among others.

This option is actually intended for people with limited mobility, but nothing prevents everyone from trying it out to test new ways of controlling their device. Note that - besides Android 12 - this new feature can be downloaded via an application on the Google Play Store for Android 11.